To keep energy costs in check, set your programmable thermostat to 78 degrees or higher when the building is occupied and 5 to 7 degrees warmer when it is not. If your business will be closed for an extended period, turn off your AC for optimum energy efficiency.

Keep your summer cooler

Inefficient incandescent bulbs have a lot in common with the sun in that both provide light and heat. While the sun’s warmth is welcome on most days, heat generated from bulbs is wasteful. Did you know nearly 90% of energy used by old-style bulbs is wasted to produce heat rather than light? That’s one reason why cool burning LEDs are so energy efficient. Of course, less heat reduces air conditioning needs, delivering even more savings. Visit for more energy saving ideas.

Since energy usage never takes a vacation, neither should your energy efficiency improvement efforts.

The cold is behind us, and summer is in full swing. If you’re one of the lucky ones with summer vacation left and you take some time off, you can’t afford to let your energy efficiency improvement efforts do the same. As temperatures rise, you have plenty of opportunities to reduce energy usage. Think air conditioning, lighting, hot water and more. The following tips can help you reduce energy usage while keeping employees and customers comfortable this summer, even if you’re on vacation.

Spotlight on profits

When summer temperatures are on the cool side, capturing sunlight can be smart. Sunlight not only illuminates the room while using less electricity and saving money, it can also brighten our spirits. However, on days when artificial lighting is needed, reduce your electric bill by installing timers and occupancy sensors that automatically turn off when no one’s around.

Maintain control of temperatures (mechanical and human)

On days of uncomfortably high temperatures, reduce solar heat gain and improve employee morale by taking these steps to keep things comfortable.

  • Close window curtains, shades and draperies
  • Establish a weather-appropriate dress code
  • Circulate air with ceiling fans running counterclockwise

Savings from the tank78º+ Optimum temperature setting for programmable thermostats when space is occupied.

While natural gas consumption is lower in the summer, you can still reduce use and lower your bills. Turn water tanks down to 120 degrees and save on water heating. For additional savings, install insulation on the first six to eight feet of water pipe leading to and from the tank.

More savings and enhanced comfort

Proper HVAC system care can significantly reduce energy usage, maintenance costs and breakdowns. Regular care is key to all three. Get an air conditioner tune-up. Check air filters every month, and change them at least every three months. While you’re at it, get a jump on fall with a furnace or boiler tune-up. You’ll be ahead of the game and avoid future problems that can affect employee and customer comfort. Go to and choose a DTE Designated Trade Ally for expert assistance.

The best of all worlds

At DTE we’re committed to energy efficiency. The ideas and programs featured on the following pages are designed for your business’s well-being. If you reduce energy usage, you’ll enjoy lower costs, enhanced comfort and the knowledge that everyone on the planet benefits from the resulting carbon emissions reductions.

Win with more

The tips and ideas offered in this magazine can help you lower energy bills and save money. Many also qualify for DTE cash-back incentives and discounts. That’s like getting paid to save money! For more information, contact DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business at 866.796.0512 (option 3).