The DTE Business Energy Advisor is an excellent source of information for retail stores and other businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

According to research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and reported by the National Retail Federation, the retail industry accounts directly and indirectly for nearly 42 million U.S. jobs. That translates to nearly one out of every four jobs and $1.6 trillion in labor income.  It also contributes $2.6 trillion annually to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

A full 99 percent of retailers are like you: small businesses, employing fewer than 50 people. So, ensuring that small businesses maintain a healthy profit margin is vital to both the business owner and our economy.

One sure way to improve profitability is by reducing energy costs, and an excellent place to start is by visiting the Business Energy Advisor website at This online resource helps business owners understand how their industry uses energy while offering ways to reduce usage and cost. The website provides information for a wide variety of business categories.

Welcome energy savings to your store
Once on the website, select “Retail buildings” from the images or via the drop-down menu on the left.  There you’ll learn that lighting, cooling and heating represent approximately 60 percent of a typical retail store’s energy consumption. Add refrigeration and you’re looking at eight of every ten energy dollars spent. Reducing expenses in these areas can significantly influence your bottom line, and the Business Energy Advisor provides a host of ideas for doing just that.

Top technology uses

Start by reviewing the information found under “Top technology uses.” In this case, choose from heating, lighting and refrigeration.  Once selected, you’ll find a listing o articles on various applications within that category. Simply select one of interest and you’ll learn even more –including available options, how to choose the best plan option or your information at your fingertips.

Quick fixes and longer-term solutions
Go back to the main page and scroll to the bottom. The Business Energy Advisor offers quick fixes and longer-term solutions. These include simple no – and – low-cost suggestions, like what equipment should be turned off or turned down, along with more involved ideas, like replacing lighting or adding insulation.

Calculate your way to savings
To find out how much you can save by implementing some of these measures, check out the calculator function. It provides numerical data for eight areas of energy usage. Plug in your numbers and you’ll learn how quickly you can recoup your investment through energy savings.

Still more practical information

The Business Energy Advisor also includes case studies, related news and the ability to test your energy smarts. What you learn can save significant cash. From agriculture to wineries, the Business Energy Advisor is another valuable DTE resource that can help you reduce energy costs and improve your bottom line. Find out for yourself by visiting the website. It’s the energy smart thing to do.

Replace Fluorescent Lamps
If your facility uses T12 fluorescent lamps or commodity-grade T8 lamps, replacing them with T8 LED linear tubes can reduce your lighting energy usage by 30 percent or more. They are available in a variety of color temperatures and deliver much longer life than fluorescents, reducing maintenance costs.


The “Bill” Curve Interior and exterior lighting represents the largest opportunity for reducing peak demand charges in retail buildings.




To find out more about how energy plays a role in your business’ industry, check out the DTE Business Energy Advisor